Yu Fengwei (Forwil)
Senior Research Manager
Sensetime Research - Spring Team
Github / Google scholar / CV


I'm diving in in deep learning industrialization. Here is the areas I am interested in

  • High performance computing
  • Neural Network Compiler
  • Vision DataBase
  • Neural Network Deployment, Porting and Inference
  • Model Quantization and Sparity
  • Network Architect
  • Large Scale Training
  • News

    We are now hiring self-motivation intern and full-time research. If you are looking for some ML-system jobs please feel free to e-mail me (forwil@foxmail.com) !

    About me / bio

    Fengwe Yu is now a senior research manager and team leader of DL-ToolChain Team called Spring of Sensetime Research under the supervisor of Dr. Yan-Junjie , working on deep learning system.

    He enjoy 2-years full-time internship in STVIR on developing high-performance video face/vehicle/pedestrian analysis system and porting algorithm into embedded system.

    Before join sensetime, He lead BUAA HPC team get first-prize on ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge 2015 and spend half an year intership on Microsoft IOT team Beijing to develop R485 bus communication protocal.

    He received a Master and B.S. in computer science from the Beihang University under the supervision of xiaohua shi on JVM memory profiling/compcert/language model in 2018 and 2015.


    BRECQ: Pushing the Limit of Post-Training Quantization by Block ReconstructionPDF
    2021 International Conference on Learning Representations(ICLR)
    Yuhang Li, Ruihao Gong, Xu Tan, Yang Yang, Peng Hu, Qi Zhang, Fengwei Yu , Wei Wang, Shi Gu
    Extremely Low-bit Convolution Optimization for Quantized Neural Network on Modern Computer Architectures PDF
    2020 International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP)
    Qingchang Han, Yongmin Hu, Fengwei Yu , Hailong Yang, Bing Liu, Peng Hu, Ruihao Gong, Yanfei Wang, Rui Wang, Zhongzhi Luan, Depei Qian
    DMS: Differentiable Dimension Search for Binary Neural Networks PDF
    2020 International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) NAS workshop
    Yuhang Li, Ruihao Gong, Fengwei Yu, Xin Dong, Xianglong Liu
    Towards Unified INT8 Training for Convolutional Neural Network PDF
    2020 Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)
    Feng Zhu, Ruihao Gong, Fengwei Yu, Xianglong Liu, Yanfei Wang, Zhelong Li, Xiuqi Yang, Junjie Yan
    Forward and Backward Information Retention for Accurate Binary Neural Networks PDF
    2020 Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)
    Haotong Qin, Ruihao Gong, Xianglong Liu, Mingzhu Shen, Ziran Wei, Fengwei Yu, Jingkuan Song
    Differentiable Soft Quantization: Bridging Full-Precision and Low-Bit Neural Networks PDF
    2019 International Conference in Computer Vision (ICCV)
    Ruihao Gong, Xianglong Liu, Shenghu Jiang, Tianxiang Li, Peng Hu, Jiazhen Lin, Fengwei Yu, Junjie Yan.
    POI: Multiple Object Tracking with High Performance Detection and Appearance Feature PDF
    2016 European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) workshop
    Fengwei Yu, Wenbo Li, Quanquan Li, Yu Liu, Xiaohua Shi, Junjie Yan

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